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Simple and honest pricing.

We want to make ebook conversions faster, simpler, and cheaper than doing it yourself. We have simple and honest pricing with no surprise fees or long-term contracts. Pay as you go, scale as you need.

We speak HTTP.

It doesn't matter what programming language, development environment, or deployment constraints you have. If you can send us files over HTTP, our simple ebook conversion API will quickly convert them for you.

We love open source.

We provide an inexpensive and scalable ebook converter based on the Calibre open source ebook manager. We embrace open technologies so you can avoid unnecessary vendor lock-in.

Create content for Kindle

Ebook Glue is easier to integrate and doesn't have restrictive terms of use like Kindlegen. You can use Ebook Glue without worrying about licensing issues.

Create stunning HTML5 ebooks

Ebook Glue takes advantage of new standards, like ePub 3 and Kindle Format 8 (KF8) to deliver a modern and sophisticated reading experience.

Inexpensive and effective

Our base plan costs less than a small EC2 instance or Heroku worker. You can offload computationally-intensive file conversions to our fast servers.

Scalability is easier

Ebook conversions require a lot of resources, and are difficult to scale. Ebook Glue can handle hundreds, thousands, and even millions of files.